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About Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is a service of immediate text message exchange. Also, among its features, it’s worth mentioning personalization service and VoIP calls. Software has been developed on free basis. It may be installed on computer or mobile device. Functionality of all software versions is the same. It includes:

·  Message exchange;

·  Location display;

·  Voice dial (tet-a-tet and voice);

·  Files exchange.

Nimbuzz features

Message exchange:

·  AIM, Jabber, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and other services of immediate text message exchange;

·  Facebook, MySpace, GaduGadu, Giovani, Orkut and other social networks;

·  Sending files;

·  Chat with several users;

·  Messaging within the network.


·  Defining and displaying location;

·  Personal message;

·  Status;

·  Users Pictures.


·  Dial-Up VoIP;

·  SIP;

·  VoIP.

How to use?

Nimbuzz is absolutely free software and it’s installed on more than 3000 mobile devices, running iOS, Android, Windows, Java and others. There is also a client’s version for personal computer.

To use the program it’s enough to download it from internet to computer or a mobile device and make a personal profile.

Nimbuzz, unlike many other messengers, is clearly and easily understandable. it has pleasant design, so it’s easy to change settings, if needed. Only thing that’s left is to synchronize messenger with other messengers and social networks to communicate with everybody.

Nimbuzz credit

Buying Nimbuzz credit gives the clients an opportunity to make VoIP calls to users of classical landlines or mobile phones. Nimbuzz credit may be bought on our website.

Buying credit like this means getting electronic voucher (unique combination of numbers).After the voucher has been received from the agent, it’s required to visit website of the operator and type the code into the special field. We want to remind you, that user must replenish his account at least once in half a year, otherwise the funds will disappear.


New Categories Smart Load.

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> Smart Load.


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